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Wonders of Traveling

What food is to the stomach, traveling is to the soul. At least to some wanderlust just like me. Travel always has its way of reviving me, changing my perspective about many things, places and cultures. For me the fun of travel does not start upon reaching the ultimate destination but begins with the trip itself. Of all the modes of transportation, I enjoy roadtrip best. The drive to a destination affords me to be one with time, moving along the road with each second. I enjoy feeling the speed and motion as the car traverses each mile of winding road; I bask at the freedom of a vast highway, bounded only by the white and yellow lines dividing the lanes. I like seeing the ray of the sun directly hitting a melting asphalt on a hot summer afternoon. And those stops at makeshift cafes along countryside dirt roads remind me that a warm cup of java does not always have to be in a Styrofoam cup with the green logo. It can also be had in aluminium cups or recycled instant coffee jars eff