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ArtsScience Museum: Titanic Artifacts Exhibit on its 100th Anniversary

“In the absolute stillness of the depths of the ocean, where there is perpetual night, the Titanic must remain…” a Singapore newspaper in reaction to Titanic sinking in 1912. Titanic "boarding pass" In 1912, nobody believed that Titanic could be discovered, having sunk to the lowest and darkest depth of the ocean a century ago. But 75 years after its sinking, a group of explorers were able to locate Titanic again. Indeed, at this depth, it was perpetual night, without any light streaming through - based on the film clips taken by a robot camera. And the force from water pressure was such that anything was expected to crush into pieces. Then, it was impossible to believe that man could rediscover and retrieve some of the remains of Titanic. But a testament to man’s greatness is the fact that some of these remains were even brought back from the depth of the ocean to right above it - and now on display thousands of miles away at Singapore's ArtScience Museum in Mar