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Taatuisms: The Wisdom of a Four-Year Old Girl

Committing some of Taatu’s point-of-views to cyber-memory, before I entirely forget about them. I wish I started recording her comments earlier, but as they say better late than never:

On Sleep: Baba: Taatu go to sleep Taatu: I am sleepin’ Baba: Then why are you still talking? Taatu: I am sleep talking *** On Choice of School: Taatu: Mama, when I grow up which college will I go to? Mama: You’ll go to Harvard anak (Hopefully the one in Boston, not the one in Laguna) Taatu: Does Harvard have a playground? Mama: Good question, that’s a very important criterion! *** On Work-Life Balance After a tiring day, Mama: I am stressed out from running around all day Taatu: Then don’t run. Just walk, walk, walk *** Taatu: What’s the point of you coming home early if you anyway talk to your office Baba? *** Malls and Window Shopping Taatu: Mama I want to go to Tanglin Mall Mama: Give me 5 reasons why you want to go to Tanglin Mall Taatu: 1.I like Tanglin Mall2.I like to play in Tanglin Mall3.I like to go…