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Tokyo: Things To Do and Places To Visit - A Self-Guided Tour 2016

Some cities are more equal than others. And even among the more equal, I would say Tokyo is probably unparalleled. It is not surprising then that this unique and bustling city has inspired many creative endeavours, be it in fashion, culinary arts, or film. My favourite movie about the place is of course Lost in Translation, and at some point I wanted to build our itinerary around this movie's locations. In the end though, we did not exactly follow the itinerary and instead we just let our moods guide us. By going this way though, we managed to see some of the talked-about locations plus a few others that were pleasant surprises. Overview before touching down at Haneda airport. From the plane, one could see many of the tower/power grids dotting the city. But for a highly industrialised one, it is surprising to see such deep-blue bodies of water around the city.  After checking into our hotel, we went out to the nearest place we could put our fingers on...Shibuya. Before r