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More Thoughts on Traveling

Traveling has always been one of my biggest passions, albeit I am far from being an authority in this department. Because of work/responsibilities, time and financial limitations, my traveling experience is a bit limited compared to some of the people I know who have been to all corners of the earth. I nonetheless savor every minute I am out there specially if it is a new place, a new culture, a new experience. I was trawling over my old notes and found this one I had written earlier in response to New York Times' travel entreaty. Reposting it here: Have you been particularly enlightened, surprised or changed by a travel experience? Why do you travel? Travel always leaves me a sense of wonder, be it the mere sight of a solitary hut along a provincial highway or the splendor of a 1000-year old temple. The grandeur of Angkor Wat, especially at sunset, overwhelmed me. I felt the same when I saw the geometric perfection of Taj Mahal, and more so by the fact that it is a t