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Art Stage Singapore 2016

Starting the year with an Art Week is always an excellent idea. And this year, I am so glad that I could attend Art Stage, which I feel is even more amazing than the last one I've seen. There seem to be more ingenious installations and art works, more interactivity and greater variety too with over 150 galleries from all over the globe including some from the Middle East, Tel Aviv, Bogota, etc. Because there is just so much to absorb though, one day, let alone one afternoon, is definitely not enough to cover all the great work on exhibit. While we (I went with an artist aunt) could not check out all the galleries, I'm already utterly impressed with what we've seen so far. Here are my top picks from those we have covered. It goes without saying that since art is for the most part subject to one's interpretation and personal experience, my pick is clearly subjective and reflects my own preferences:) Damien Hirst, known for his polka dots, has this shiny metal work on