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Gillman Barracks: A Unique Art Enclave

I've always wanted to check out what's brewing at Gillman Barracks after having read a few articles about the place and yesterday I was glad of the opportunity - an artist/painter relative is in town and where better to take her than the latest artist colony in the Red Dot! Gillman Barracks is made up of a cluster of galleries spread all over the compound that cuts across Lock Road and Malan Road near Alexandra. As of yesterday, 13 of them have already opened, with a few more coming up early next year. We started our gallery trek with Block No. 5 which houses the Drawing Room and the Sundaram Tagore Gallery.  Here's a sampler of the things I saw: Framed Art at the Drawing Room  Block No. 6 as seen from Block No. 5 Hiroshi Senju's Waterfall at Tagore. Natural Pigments on Japanese Mulberry Paper Still at Tagore Block 5 as seen from Block 6  Across the block from Tagore is a modernist gallery (Miucciaccia) which consists mainly