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Jackson Pollock and Splatter Painting: A New York Summer Visit

I always look forward to holidays with Taatu as she is a wonderful travel companion, always eager to see new things. During our recent trip to the US and Argentina, Taatu did not disappoint. She had full-on sunny disposition (except when queueing up at immigration or for security checks) and was sometimes providing insightful view of her new surroundings! Here are some Taatuisms from the trip: 1. While at the Metropolitan Museum, looking at the mummies at the Egyptian civilization section: Wow, creepy! And do they walk like this? (stretching her two arms forward ala Thriller/ zombies waking up from the dead) 2. At the modern art section, reacting to Jackson Pollock's Autumn Rhythm: Is that a splatter painting? I can also do that. I can just mix white and black paint in a bucket and splatter on the wall. Jackson Pollock's Autumn Rhythm 3. At the impressionist/renaissance section upon seeing Monet and Van Gogh: Mama look! This is the same as what we have at home (we