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Art Stage Singapore 2017

Now on its 7th year, Art Stage Singapore is something that I look forward to each year mainly because it is a great way to learn about the many talented artists in the region. As with years past (I've been to at least three), this one did not disappoint but unlike before I did not feel too overwhelmed, perhaps because I visited earlier in the day...though I must say that 120 exhibits is still a lot to take in one day! In any case, these are my top picks this year, in no particular order. Disclosure: I am not an art expert though I do appreciate good art when I see one. I would say my choice is driven by any or all of these things: craftmanship and dedication, innovativeness of material including recycling, uniqueness of concept, and relevance especially social. There are also artworks that I love simply for their sheer aesthetic value - those that do not require profound processing. So here we go! A statement of HOPE by Phunk Singapore, being watched over by this almost