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Steve Jobs, Another Genius Gone Too Soon

I  don't agree that Steve Jobs was as great as Michelangelo, as some people tend to compare. There are similarities for sure, but there are also some differences. Both were said to be very dedicated, both were meticulous, both were very focused. Both produced great art.  But Steve Jobs was also more than just a great artist (not your traditional definition of artist anyway). While Michelangelo changed the Sistine Chapel (which of course was also a great achievement in itself), Steve Jobs changed far more than that, he changed the world and our worldview. He touched many lives and generations with his great products and innovations. His impact is far bigger and wider with the iPhone alone selling more than 90 million units to date, his iPad being a big game-changer, creating a category all its own. He changed the way we consume music, and so much more. He was the world's No.1 CEO, growing Apple by so many folds since he returned to the company, after an 11-year absence due