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Singapore Night Shots Across Marina Bay Sands

Illumination in its varying degrees have always fascinated me, and natural lights are an even bigger source of wonder. I’ve been wanting to see the Northern Lights, which I missed because I turned off the lights too early on my last night in Reykyavik! (Apparently the ever-elusive Aurora Borealis chose to appear when I was already fast asleep! It's almost like winning lotto and losing it all on the same day). In visual arts, a subject is able to evoke the intended mood only under the right amount of light. And light is most crucial in photography; balance is most difficult to achieve in natural light, and most especially challenging at night.  Some two weeks back, I went to a couple of locations in Singapore for a photography session on night shots. It was a humid day when we set up our tripods near the Merlion, across Marina Bay Sands. I shouldn't be talking about humidity as it won't show in photographs anyways. On the other hand, too much humidity is never conduci