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The Other Side - A Poem For My Friends

It's literary time - here's a poem I wrote after my friends' visit earlier this year.


We went From proving theorems To proving life
As we explored The modern edifices We forget about the scruffy past But What remains is Our fondness for each other
It doesn’t matter if XX years had passed  Whenever we meet again It is still the same She still teases him of his nose Or his scary laughter And he teases her of her mumps Or her unruly hair
We still eat with much gusto Albeit now it’s done in a more decent restaurant Rather than the shabby university cafeteria We still jump too high Even if at the back of our minds We now worry about our High cholesterol High blood sugar High risk of cardio attack
We had fun for three days or so And now in the aftermath There is quietness That wants to be filled With The most energetic of laughters
Let’s not wait
for another thousand years Because then We won't be able to jump Nor eat Nor laugh And our memories Will even…