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Iceland in my Mind: What Makes Iceland Unforgettable

Iceland. A place that was not originally in my bucket list (too far, too cold), but became interested in when I saw an advertisement in the National Arts Council’s newsletter for a writer's retreat. This got me surfing about the country, which is very often associated with the Aurora Borealis. A chance to see this phenomenon strengthened my resolve to attend the workshop, though at times I wavered especially when I was checking the flight options/durations and it became clearer to me how remote Iceland really is from Singapore!

I (and my family) reached Iceland on a late afternoon in April. From the moment I disembarked the plane I could already feel that it is a country like no other. On the circular windows along the airport corridors, I could see quotes from famous Icelanders including Bjork's about the wide open space that is her country. But I was not paying much attention to the quotes as I was transfixed by the landscape beyond the glass windows - endless brown lava f…