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Jacob Ballas Garden - Singapore Botanics

We have been living here in Singapore for sometime now but it was only recently that we really had a chance to explore the Children's Garden side of the Botanics - after attending a kiddie party at Jacob Ballas' garden. Some of the sights I saw were too beautiful for words...even a thousand words won't do justice. So rather than do injustice to nature's beauty that side of Singapore, I'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves :-) Ah wait, not exactly...because sometimes I get background noise from Taatu. Banana Heart Summer in the Lion City Autumn doth come here, but only in this little patch A giant, swinging Calabash - almost hitting my forehead Do you know what this flower is called? Please try to make a guess before scrolling down. Someone demonstrating to kids that pumping pressure into a bottle of water will cause it to explode and squirt water up in the air like this Taatu says this is a it? Thank G