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Things I like at the Singapore Art Stage 2014

My daughter and I checked out the Art Stage at the Marina Bay Sands Expo today. It was a huge fair with around 150 galleries from around the globe participating. As such, we could not really explore all the galleries (a bit overwhelming for one afternoon), so what we did was take a quick tour, and lingered only on those that caught our interest more. There was a bunch of European galleries that represented the established (Chagall, Miro, Picasso, etc), but even without my prompting, little girl preferred to stick around longer in the contemporary art exhibits and the visual/digital/3D installations --- in between her main preoccupation that afternoon, i.e., collecting business/calling cards from the galleries.  Below are some of the stand outs: Mark Justiniani's Echopraxia: Reflective media, light fixtures, and objects encased in black iron structure My daughter describes the above as magic because it is endless, and seems to go on and on! Such is the magic of Justinian