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Formula One F1 Night Race 2012

The last time I got into the F1 scene was when Beyonce and Black-Eyed Peas headlined one of the nights at Fort Canning, and I must say it was an awesome experience that got me paying attention to BEP more after that. But that concert seemed detached or independent of the F1 race itself, held a few throws away. This year, the F1 set-up seems different, with all the activities centralized around the race tracks. I will call this the F1 ville - upon entry one is greeted by all the buzz and the electrifying scene... and the smell of barbecue wafting out from somewhere, which made me realize I was starving so I promptly told my husband that it should be our first stop! A few bands and acts were playing last night - unfortunately I didn't recognize the names. But I must say the one we chanced upon played well in a folk-rock kind of way (read: not my genre anyway! I could relate more to the music that my millenial nieces and nephews listen to:-). Jay Chou was supposed to be the bigges

Buenos Aires: Interesting Things and Places

Sharing some snaps I've taken during my recent trip to Buenos Aires - right before the battery of my very old and super heavy camera conked out. Good thing my ever-reliable camera phone saved the day. But that would be material for Part II of this series. In the meantime, enjoy this batch! Let's start with possibly the most well-known attraction in Buenos Aires, the Casa Rosada and its balcony, where Evita famously sang that song The lady immortalized in this iron/wire sculpture in one of the gov't buildings where she used to serve as department minister Correntes Avenue - one of the more happening streets in BA which literally comes to life the moment the street lamps light up. This stretch is littered with theatres, coffee shops, and bookshops. The popularity of the latter totally impresses me. The publishing industry seems very active.  Argentina seems to be one of the few countries in the world with better regard and respect for writers and authors. Appare