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Formula One F1 Night Race 2012

The last time I got into the F1 scene was when Beyonce and Black-Eyed Peas headlined one of the nights at Fort Canning, and I must say it was an awesome experience that got me paying attention to BEP more after that. But that concert seemed detached or independent of the F1 race itself, held a few throws away. This year, the F1 set-up seems different, with all the activities centralized around the race tracks. I will call this the F1 ville - upon entry one is greeted by all the buzz and the electrifying scene... and the smell of barbecue wafting out from somewhere, which made me realize I was starving so I promptly told my husband that it should be our first stop!

A few bands and acts were playing last night - unfortunately I didn't recognize the names. But I must say the one we chanced upon played well in a folk-rock kind of way (read: not my genre anyway! I could relate more to the music that my millenial nieces and nephews listen to:-). Jay Chou was supposed to be the biggest dr…

Buenos Aires: Interesting Things and Places

Sharing some snaps I've taken during my recent trip to Buenos Aires - right before the battery of my very old and super heavy camera conked out. Good thing my ever-reliable camera phone saved the day. But that would be material for Part II of this series. In the meantime, enjoy this batch!