The Lotus Pond at Gardens by the Bay

I've never really explored the entirety of Gardens by the Bay, but last week I was delighted to discover a lotus pond near the Marina Reservoir promenade. And it helps that it is in a quiet area too:-)

Here are some of my snaps:
Lotus is considered a rare gem for its ability to grow out of a mud. It is an important symbol in Buddhism (it can mean purity, fortune, faithfulness, the stages of a Buddhist' life - depending on context and colour)...and many books use the analogy of lotus and mud to explain the role of murk (suffering, etc.) in the bigger scheme of things, i.e., the lotus flower (beauty) needs the mud (suffering, etc) to bloom and such book is Thich Nhat Hanh's No Mud, No Lotus
Bees season!
There's a whole stretch of them at Gardens by the Bay

The flowers apparently bloom in the morning or with sunrise, and the older ones shed off their petals in the afternoon
This is what's left after the lacks the vividness of the petals, but by itself remains compelling 

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