Art Stage Singapore 2016

Starting the year with an Art Week is always an excellent idea. And this year, I am so glad that I could attend Art Stage, which I feel is even more amazing than the last one I've seen. There seem to be more ingenious installations and art works, more interactivity and greater variety too with over 150 galleries from all over the globe including some from the Middle East, Tel Aviv, Bogota, etc. Because there is just so much to absorb though, one day, let alone one afternoon, is definitely not enough to cover all the great work on exhibit. While we (I went with an artist aunt) could not check out all the galleries, I'm already utterly impressed with what we've seen so far. Here are my top picks from those we have covered. It goes without saying that since art is for the most part subject to one's interpretation and personal experience, my pick is clearly subjective and reflects my own preferences:)

Damien Hirst, known for his polka dots, has this shiny metal work on display...But I think his polka dots remain popular, there's one on the wall adjacent to this

This reminds me of Jackson Pollock's Autumn Rhythm, only more intricate and detailed. By Mangu Putra, acrylic on canvas

I still wonder how the artist managed to do this...looks very tricky. By Kamolpan Chovitchai, C-print type on hand-cut canvas

From Annie Leibovitz...will you buy this at $30,000+?

Mixed media with mulberry paper by Chun Kwang Young

Gravity defying installation by Zheng Lu

Indeed it requires closer scrutiny

Rice paper on canvas, by Hong Yi

I've never thought of matches in this way. But I guess that's the job of effective artists, making one see an everyday object in a different light. By Wolfgang Stiller

Woodcut by Catherine Oslo. Beautiful and relatable.

Up close, I didn't see this vision. But when I stepped back I realised that these buttons formed a face.
By itself, each button also holds an image or a message. Eyes Wide Open by Nemo.
I have yet to find out who is Nemo though;) 

Oil on steel...ingenious. By Sair Garcia, presented by a Colombian gallery.

Ewww...are those cockroaches? Thank goodness they are not real!!!By Anon Pairot from Thailand.

Found objects can indeed be great starting points. The Beginning of History by Norberto Roldan, an artist from the Philippines. One of Roldan's works was apparently acquired by the Guggenheim collection, and I can see why.
This surely got me curious too:)
One thing I've noticed during this round, many artists have used one material to appear like that the equivalent of transference in art. This one is ceramic but looks like paper. Hsu Yungshu from Taiwan.

Such a sweet carving...from just one trunk of a tree it seems.
By Kyunggoh Kug at Gallery Apple

This is made from different fabric and sequin materials -
By Hook from Thailand and seen at Serindia gallery

One of the calmest works on display. Ink and water-colour on paper by Michael Whittle

Tiny red dots. Together, they make a powerful message. 

This one is made of stickers. Kids, don't throw your old stickers, they can be resurrected into a decor :) Great idea brought to you by Art+, a Shanghai gallery

I'm sure this ride was made with lots of labour too!

Acrylic on canvas. I'd like to have this in my drawing room too...
somehow its intricacy appeals to me, perhaps because of its bluish hue.

While common outdoors, I find this theme and colour combination quite distinct.
Perhaps this is the effect of seeing something that is not in its natural setting - displacement or disorientation. William Mackinnon.

What do you get when you give Godwin Bradbeer a china graph,
silver oxide and pastel on paper?
One of them is this attention grabbing creation on the wall.

Ironing clothes is perhaps the last thing I'd like to see or do on a Monday
morning too.But rendered in 3D, this looks more captivating
than it seems on photo, by Adam Neate.

I agree with Einstein. Always. It does not matter what the question is,
love is always the answer.
By Mr. Brainwash, as displayed in an Israeli gallery
From the same gallery as the Einstein work

Hyperphoto by Jean Francois Rauzier, titled "On time" alternative title could also be "On the shores of time";) 
Gordon Gallery. I like the background. A refreshing change from bare white walls.
Spring, by Kunihiko Nohara. The title says it all.

This is oil on canvas, a real stand-out for me. I initially thought it was a blown-up photograph of a carpet. If I heard correctly this is priced at US$60K or something in that region. But looking at the detail and imagining the depth of work involved, I think is worth a lot more.

Venice on wooden blocks, by Patrick Hughes. This is one perspective from one angle...
And another perspective, seen from the other side.
Perspective from the front
Charlie meets Ronald? Interstices, by Reybert Ramos
Sometimes, effective art does not have to be made of costly materials. This one is made of hair strands, lava sand, and pencil---things that one can easily find in the neighbourhood, or in one's room.

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