My Favorite Black and White Photos - Part I

Inspired by the black and white challenge on Facebook, I thought I'd put together some of my favourite black and white photos and share them here:
Looking out into the Indian Ocean - Bali

From inside a temple in Chail, a hill station near the Indian Himalayas

Truly a great wonder - Taj Mahal, Agra in India
This could be anywhere...but it is actually in front of the Jim Thompson House, Bangkok

It mentions the Philippines? The facade of a hotel near La Rambla, Barcelona

The serrated mountains of Montserrat, Spain

Barcelona Winter

Somewhere in Shanghai...why am I not surprised ;-)

A man passing by a church (?)  in Shanghai
Sun-salute in Maldives

On the shores of Maldives...I could spend the rest of my days here...with a good book of course

Windows along Madison Avenue -out here they seem to close shop early -it was not that late in the afternoon when I took this photo..or maybe I'm just used to the loooong hours in Asia

Yoga - Times Square, NYC. This, to me, is a picture of determination - doing outdoor yoga at noon in New York summer.

A man crossing the road in BA, Argentina

"I have always imagined that paradise will be some kind of library"- on the wall of Jorge Luis Borges' Center in BA. I hope too that paradise is some kind of library, so that I won't need to bring all my books with me!  
And speaking of books and libraries, I would say this is one of the more interesting ones I've visited thus far - the Shakespeare and Company, Kilometer 0 for bibliophiles. The building is very old so it could only accommodate so many people inside at any given time; we had to wait for our turn outside.
Here in Singapore, the closest equivalent is Books Actually which is worth a visit any has been cited somewhere as among the top 10 most interesting bookshops in the region, or perhaps even globally.

Inside Shakespeare and Company, apparently a favourite hang-out of many 20th century literary greats, how cool is that? :-)
Near Montmarte

Near Palais Royale (?)

Musee D'Orsay

Bikes and Canals...what comes to mind? Am I Amsterdam?
Near Jordaan area in Amsterdam, this was taken at 9:00pm in the summer when the sun was on extended duty

Anne Frank museum

Piazza San Marco, Venice

Along the Venetian canals

Trevi Fountain, Rome...some places are better in pictures, and this is probably one of those places

Iceland -across the Presidential Residence
The Hague

Waiting for Spring, The Hague
Singapore Art Museum; the National Museum is also a good study in black in white - I've included several photos in an earlier post
Stalactites inside Callao Caves, Northern Philippines
California Coast

Getty Museum, Los Angeles

This is all for now...more to come later!

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