Text in the City

Another grassroots poetry writing activity came into the literary scene recently via Text in the City, an Arts House and NAC campaign "to boost the awareness and appreciation of Singapore poetry." Among poetry fora, Text in the City is unique in that it has a corresponding App, which in today's tech-driven world makes participation relatively easier. I checked out the site and found out that the only requirement is for the poem entry to be about places in Singapore, and that the poet has to be a resident of Singapore (Citizen or Permanent Resident).

So I penned a couple of poems and shared them using the app. You can click on the links below if you'd like to read them:

As of today hundreds of poems have already been posted - after SingPoWriMo, here's another testament to the fact that Singapore poetry is truly alive! and this number will only continue to grow as the activity has been extended until January 25!

There are many beautiful poems on the site and it is such a pleasure to read one or two especially during some micro moments, i.e., while in the queue, waiting for a cab, or when simply bored of other stuff.

You can click on this site if you want to know more about the campaign:

The letter A in the Text in the City campaign in front of the newly refurbished Victoria Hall

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